Communication and Outreach

The duties of the Communication and Outreach Committee extend throughout the congregation at Trinity United church and into the wider church and ecumenical community.

  1. To gather information relating to the life and work of the church from all available sources.
  2. To communicate information of interest to the United Church of Canada and to the Congregation:
  3. within the church
  4. to the community
  5. from the community
  6. To prepare and issue Congregational publications (e.g. Trinity News).
  7. To undertake an effective advertising program with the approval of the Council.
  8. To communicate the viewpoints and policies of the Congregation to the Committees
  9. To report events of special interest to the appropriate news media.
  10. To promote and administer use of name tags.
  11. To oversee the bulletin boards and literature racks.
  12. To promote and administer Observer subscriptions.
  13. To devise and promote an effective program of missionary and outreach education.
  14. To assess appeals from benevolent organizations and recommend appropriate action to the Council.
  15. To assess community problems (housing, delinquency, alcoholism etc.) and recommend appropriate action to the Council.

Trinity's current major program - Syrian Relief.