Ministry and Personnel

Membership of the Ministry & Personnel Committee is by appointment of Council. The Committee i; comprised of not less than four (4) or more than seven (7), one of whom is an appointment of the Minister.

The duties of this Committee are:

  1. To provide support and facilitate two-way communication between all staff and the Congregatior and between staff members.
  2. Prior to the beginning of the regular financial planning process of the Congregation, to review with all staff members their salaries, allowances, benefits, and working conditions and make appropriate recommendations to the Council.
  3. To consult with all staff regarding continuing education plans and needs, and make recommendations to the Council to ensure that time and money are made available.
  4. To conduct an annual review of the effectiveness of all church staff as their work relates to the Congregational ministry as identified by the goals and objectives established by the Council.
  5. To conduct an annual review of position descriptions and contracts and recommend appropriate significant revisions to the Council.
  6. To clarify the relationships of the church staff regarding their responsibilities and the lines of authority and accountability.
  7. To assist in the selection of paid church staff (except Minister) as directed by the Council.
  8. To become aware of the role of the Presbytery Pastoral Relations Committee and maintain a close liaison with it.