The duties of this Committee are:

  1. To ensure that the building and property are kept in a safe condition.
  2. To organize and supervise the repairs and maintenance of the church buildings and grounds (including heating, lighting and church signs).
  3. To involve Congregation members in as much of the work as practicable.
  4. To coordinate and evaluate requests from church organizations and Committees re: furniture and equipment requirements (except for office equipment) and alterations to the premises and to ensure approved requests are implemented.
  5. To control the distribution and record the use of the church keys.
  6. To secure at least two estimates for expenditures over $300.00.
  7. To coordinate long range planning regarding property, buildings and equipment.
  8. To assist in the selection of the Church Caretaker.
  9. With the Ministry and Personnel Committee, to establish the duties of the Church Caretaker.
  10. To supervise the Church Caretaker.
  11. To monitor the use of the church facilities by outside groups using an identified Contact Person.
  12. To determine, with the Administration & Finance Committee, the suggested contributions from outside groups toward the cost of providing the facilities.
  13. To ensure all safety inspections are conducted as necessary.
  14. To ensure an annual fire drill is conducted.