Christian Education

The duties of this Committee are:

  1. To assess the education needs of the Congregation and provide leadership so that all persons at each stage of their lives may know God as revealed in Jesus Christ, and may serve God in love, through worship and work, and the fellowship and witness of the
  2. To oversee the Christian Education program.
  3. To annually recommend to the Congregation, through the Nominating Committee, a candidate for Sunday School Superintendent.
  4. To assist the Sunday School staff in the selection and implementation of its curriculum.
  5. To recruit teachers, leaders, counselors etc. for the Christian Education program of the Congregation and to keep the Congregation informed of the staffing needs for these
  6. To assist teachers, leaders and officers etc. to attend conferences, camps and other events for leadership training (e.g. Naramata).
  7. To promote and support teachers' meetings, conferences, training events, camps, enrichment programs, church picnic or events for leaders' recognition.
  8. To maintain the library and promote its use, and to review the needs for audio visuals, supplies, books etc.
  9. To promote the use of church publications and liaise with the Communication and Outreach Committee for distribution.
  10. To liaise with the Worship and Music Committee about special worship services.
  11. To assist in the selection of paid staff for the Christian Education Program.