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I'm trying to observe some of my study leave this week. Today I needed to run some errands. I needed cat food.

I called ahead to my veterinary clinic and they set the bag aside, telling me to call when I arrived. When I got there, the clinic was locked up. One of the adminstrators came to the door with the food and cracked the door open, passed the food through, then wiped the card machine and passed it to me. My hands were gloved. I put my in card and tapped in my numbers. She closed the door and I was on my way.

And I thought, I'm so grateful for the precautions they are taking, so that if my 16 year old cat and I need them, they'll be there for us.

Tears of gratitude.

Tears of gratitude again as I share this.

I know this physical distancing feels extreme. But it isn't about protecting ourselves, it is about protecting the poeple we love and making sure (as sure as we can) that there is medical attention available for them when if they need it.

Right now, it is an act of love to keep our physical distance.

So call each other, write each other, send each other encouraging, affectionate, affirming words.

When I am "back" to the "office" Monday (I will mostly be working from home), this blog will get much more attention. My hope is that folks who have access to the blog will call those who do not have access and read it to them on behalf of the church. We are all currently called to proclaim the good news to one another.

Love in Christ,

Rev David