120 years of ministry: The need is great, but our gratitude and generosity are greater.

Trinity United Church is celebrating 120 years of ministry in Port Coquitlam and the Tri-Cities Area. We are planning for the next 120 years by establishing a Legacy Fund that invites members, adherents, friends, and neighbours to include Trinity in their estate planning.

Gifts and Bequests: What is a Legacy Gift?

A legacy gift could be a bequest in your will of a sum of money, real estate, or a share in your estate. It could also be naming the Church as a beneficiary of life insurance. It could be naming the Church as a beneficiary of a savings acount, such as an RRSP, RIF, or TFSA.

Who will manage the Fund?

The Legacy Fund will be managed by The United Church of Canada Foundation, which is registered as a charity and is dedicated to support the work of the United Church of Canada. To this end, the Foundation establishes and manages permanent funds and distributes their income in the form of grants to organizations carrying out the work of the church. Bequests will be divided upon receipt, 30% to Trinity's current operating fund and 70% to the Legacy Fund.

Our Long History of Service: Why should I consider leaving a legacy gift to the Church?

For those who have always given, it’s one last chance to share their financial blessings. It’s a way for people to show their love for God and to support God’s work through the Church. A legacy to the Church can reduce the income taxes due on your estate.

Future Vision: How can a legacy gift save on estate taxes?

Families are often shocked by the amount of taxes that are due on the death of a parent or family member. Revenue Canada allows the transfer of investments to charities (like the Church) resulting in both a tax deduction for the estate and the transfer of funds to the charity. These circumstances are best discussed with a financial advisor.

Community: How is Trinity changing the world?

Trinity United Church in Port Coquitlam has a long history of service to the most vulnerable people in the community. Over the last 120 years, we have hosted the Food Bank, various types of Extreme Weather Shelters, Community Kitchens, 12-step meetings, the thrift shop, and created innumerable fundraisers to give money to other charitable organizations.

Trinity’s vision for the future is a community of faith partnered with a service hub that will provide affordable housing and serve people who are: at risk of homelessness, underhoused, and in need of support to maintain their housing.

However, we have to ask ourselves, “Why would anyone else invest in our vision for the future, if we ourselves are not investing in it?”

A Legacy Gift: What steps do I take to leave a gift to the Church?

Your will is a good way to leave a legacy gift to the Church, either when making a will or by adding a codicil to an existing will. You can also designate the Church as the beneficiary for RRSP’s, RIF’s or TFSA’s.

How We Care for One Another: For more information and a chance to talk about it.

We welcome you to speak with the minister or the Legacy team about the idea of a Legacy Gift. If you have already remembered the Church in your estate plans, would you consider sharing that information with the Church?

Thank you: The need is great, but our gratitude and generosity are greater.