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The peace of Christ be with you all.

If you have been watching Global News in the last week, yes, that is our sign they are using to introduce Dr Bonnie Henry’s daily updates. As Zoe and I were closing down the office two weeks ago, I asked her to post on our digital sign, “For the love of God, do what Dr Bonnie says!” Local councilor Laura Dupont liked the sign, took a picture of it and posted it to her twitter account where it got hundreds of reposts! Monday this week, we received an email from Global News wanting to do an interview. Follow this link to the interview. Keep an eye on the sign for more pithy sayings in the coming weeks.

The Prayer Roster is the big news this week. Following you will find attached both in the body of this email and in PDF attachment (and on the website) our brand new Prayer Roster. Your Pastoral Care Team has listed 5 households for us to hold in prayer each day starting Easter Sunday, April 12. Please think about these households, pray for them, maybe even email, call or write them. Let them know that we appreciate them and that they are not alone during this time of prolonged distancing. You do not need to know every person on the list to think kindly of them, or to wish them well. You are the hands and feet of Christ and you are being called to be witness of Christ’s presence to each other.

We are still looking for volunteers to help read the Sunday Gathering Blog to folks who do not have internet. If you would like to be a reader, please contact Jo-Ann Dahms and you will be matched with a Sunday Gathering Buddy. These phone calls are so greatly appreciated by those who receive them. It is a beautiful, faithful way to connect with our community.

A gentle reminder to folks that we are being asked to double down on our distancing over the Easter Weekend. Support our healthcare workers. Keep our most vulnerable loved ones safe. I know its hard, but it is what we are currently being called to do. And at 7pm make a joyful noise near an open window or on your balcony to celebrate our essential workers!

For now, I leave you with these words from Paul:

“In [our] renewal there is no longer Greek and Jew, circumcised and uncircumcised, barbarian, Scythian, slave and free; but Christ is all and in all!  As God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience. Bear with one another… Above all, clothe yourselves with love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony. And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in the one body. And be thankful.” (Colossians 3:9-13a, 14-15)

Love in Christ,

Rev David Cathcart  

Pastoral care roster

Aprill 12
Bob and Dawn Carman
Michelle and Zachary Carman
Brian and Lynne Kennedy
Lavina Shaw
Syd and Wayne Sawyer  

April 13
Bill Marshall
Gladys Noort
Fay Roberts
Muriel McKean
Judi and Andrew Carroll  

April 14
Renate Hofer
Edna Thorpe
Marj Parker
Olga Moffat
Robert and Karen Nicolson  

April 15
Bart Reemeyer
Margaret Laxton
Elizabeth Beattie
Betty McLean  

April 16
Phyllis Hermanson
Doris Krisco
Marie Coulter
Beryl Taylor
Peggy Smith
Pat and Ken Bradley  

April 17
Marjorie Schmidt
Thelma Abma
Win Fleming
Sheila and John Sunley
David Cathcart  

April 18
Gwendolyn Ranger
Catherine Eden
Rosemarie and Hilton Poisdevin
Fran and John Whelan
David and Chloe Rogers  

April 19
Wendy Bailey
John and Joan Walker
Rod and Joan Leston
Fred and Avis Baldwin
Zoe Sanborn and family   

April 20
Shirley Robitaille
Rick and Rita Thompson 
Jan and Murray Smith
Jenny Brahney
Jo-Ann and Morley Dahms  

April 21
Irene McKinney and Iain MacIver
Kim Longmuir and George Murdoch
Rick Cosco
Roger Eberhart
Peggy Horvath  

April 22
Arlene Battistoni
Gloria McPherson
Gayle MacMillan
Ruth MacDonald
Joy and Tony Galea  

April 23
Julia Livingstone
Diana Koo-Davies
Fran Lahaye
Margaret Bennett
Linda Lund  

April 24
Bobby and Goomtie Raghoobarsingh
Mary and Bob Karyula
Wendy and Dave Squires
Ross and Sandra Dunning
Harvey Loucks  

April 25
Derek and Courtney Kootte
Megan Rankin
Judy Johnson
Ann, Wayne, Charlotte, Rebecca, Anne and Emily Moughtin
Eve Teubert  

April 26
Olina Swinton
Pat and John McCann
Gloria Nystrom
Elaine Stead
Maureen Adams  

April 27
Touba Akearin and Resa Asfandyari
Majdalin, Baleegh, Zien and Hala Alali
Randy and Diane Alex
James and Beth Anderson  

April 28
Jean Becker
Jim and Sharon Black
Eunice Blancaflor
Maureen Boguzki
Sherie, Anibal Felix and Kamila Bohorquez  

April 29
Bob and Jayne Boyer
Carol Butterfield
Margaret Cahan
Liz and John Chichka
Liz and Harold Crossley  

April 30
Aleks and Jeannette Deda
Dale and Lois Deguire
Roderick, Dizeree, Jessica, Derik and Jasmine DeVera
Debra, Rebecca, and Sephora Dobbs
Brent and Alison Douglas  

May 01
Alf and Barb Dumont
Isabel Eckford
Merv and Shirley Evdokimenko
Mark, Bonnie, Sarah and Zander Fabricius
Maxine and Frank Fairclough  

May 02
Mark, Nancy, Sarah and Liam Fernandes
Norma Fida
Marie and John Findlay
Bill, Gail, Matthew and Daniel Flasch
Mike and Karen Forrest  

May 03
Bryan Furman
Ken Gould
Stephen Grootendorst
Polly Harman
Polly Hawkins  

May 04
Anne Jaeggle
Donna Jepson
Richard Jewell
Niki Karmali
Bev King  

May 05
Jack and Barb Lambley
Karen Larson
Sandra and Stan Lee
Joyce and Bud Lissimore
Judy Maki and Roy Guenther  

May 06
Jennifer, Jeffrey, Nicholas and Warren Marshall
Janice McCuaig
Dorothy McDade
Audrey and David McFarlane
Tom and Mary McLaren  

May 07
Bernice McPhee
La Vernne Miller
Bryon Morrow, Zharina Patricio, Zen and Theo
Marie Moyer
Frieda Nietzel  

May 08
Kalaya Nilson
Ken, Justine, and Nina Parco
Jim and Ann Pollock
Kim Prowse
Nory Ramos  

May 09
Jannett Rauser
Judy Rawsthorne
Barb Robertson
Karen Robson
Robert and Audrey Rooney  

May 10
Brenda and Glenn Seebach
Ian and Corri Seers
Eija Seppanen
Jo, Donna-Lynne Ross, and Bethea Shearer
Debbie Sherstobitoff  

May 11
Linda Siew
Geoffrey and Annelies Stegen
Pat and Doug Taylor
Ria Van Holten
Dianne Webber  

May 12
Brian and Josee Wheatley
Julia Zhao
Trudy Zonneveld
Rosa Ortega