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Unconditional Love, Watercolour card

Day 30 (Thursday)  

Jesus announced the coming of God’s reign—       
     a commonwealth not of domination
     but of peace, justice, and reconciliation.

He healed the sick and fed the hungry.
He forgave sins and freed those held captive       
     by all manner of demonic powers.

He crossed barriers of race, class, culture, and gender.
He preached and practised unconditional love—       
     love of God, love of neighbour,
     love of friend, love of enemy—

and he commanded his followers to love one another       
     as he had loved them.

How would summarize Jesus life, work and meaning?
Of what “manner of demonic powers” have you been freed?
What barriers has Jesus crossed for you?
How does your life proclaim or bear witness to Jesus’ unconditional love?



All readings are from A Song of Faith; A Statement of Faith of the United Church of Canada, 2006.