Date of Death: July 8, 2020.  
  Age: 91
  Date of Birth: Oct 19, 1928 

Memory from Maxine F: Win loved words & she loved games. As you read this list of words I compiled to honour and to remember Win, please take a fewmoments to dwell on what memories and feelings they evoke in you.
Adaptable, amazing, awesome, Baking skills, bold, bright, bridge player, Caring, collector, compassionate, confident, Dedicated, devoted, disciple, discrete, Encouraging, energetic, entertainer, enthusiastic, Faithful, fierce, Fighter, follower, foodie, Football fan (go Saskatchewan Roughriders go), friend, funny, Generous, giver, gracious, Hilarious, humorous, Intelligent, interesting, Joker, joyful, Kind hearted, Leader, learner, listener, loyal, loving, Mentor, movie goer, mystery parcels, Networker, noble, nurturing, nurse, Open, optimistic, Prayerful, private, poetry lover, positive, Quick witted, Reader, recites, recorder, remarkable, responsible, resourceful, Saskatchewanian, Secret Santa, secretive, sensible, sensitive, sharing, singer, soup lover, special, Teacher, trustworthy, Unforgettable, unique, uplifting, Volunteer, Willing, wise, witty, X-rated, eXceptional, Zany.
Win touched us all in her special unique way. She shone with a bright light & continues to do so through each one of us she touched. Her light and touch made us each a better person. SHE LIVES ON!

Memory from Joy G: When I returned to Trinity in 1978, many people welcomed me – us – Tony and I, into the “fold”. So much was well organized that it wasn’t difficult to fit in. One such “welcome” was from Win Fleming. She and Stu just added us to their extended family. Over the months they enjoyed sharing their family and family traditions- family meals, family games night, family curling games, garden parties, afternoon teas and birthdays. Of course, anything that was “new” for the Aussie (Tony) was fair game. We were given a gift that kept on giving over these many
Beyond this family welcome I got to know Win. As a UCW person (United Church Women), she and I have had many opportunities to share experiences. Over the years Win and I have travelled thousands of miles together attending UCW events. There have been local UCW gatherings, Presbyterial rallies, National UCW events, meetings, study groups and conferences. As well as attending the conferences there were several times which we planned and hosted them together.
We have shared laughter and sorrow. We have shared jobs – both of us served as UCW presidents in our Units, as President of Trinity’s UCW and as B.C. Conference UCW President. Win’s term was 1995-1997. Win was willing to take on more and served as Westminster Presbyterial Chairperson and Chairperson of Trinity’s congregation. (A note - while Win was Trinity Chairperson her beloved Saskatchewan Roughriders won the Grey Cup – that was some celebration!!)
Win and I sang in Trinity’s choir together beginning with my return in 1978. Win had such a wide repertoire of songs for which she knew all the words! Above all we were friends. It is this friendship I will miss most. I have watched my friend, Win, welcome newcomers to Trinity, share stories and puns (!!), comfort the lost and lonely and smile for all to see. She has taught us well by example. Win’s quick wit and strong faith will live in our memories. I will miss my friend, but I know I am a better person for having shared with her this special gift of friendship. 

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