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Broadview Magazine Group Subscriptions.

Broadview is an independent Canadian magazine featuring award-winning coverage of spirituality, justice and ethical living. Through compelling stories and engaging images, Broadview challenges and inspires readers seeking to live a purpose-filled life.

Trinity has a group subscription giving a discounted rate of $25 per year. In March 2021, Broadview changed frequency from 10 issues to 8 issues, but are serving the remaining issues that were on file from our group’s 2020 order and this will mean that the group expiry date has changed to March 2022. January will be soon enough to start collecting the renewal subscriptions but Robert will accept the payments earlier if you want to send in $25.00 to Trinity United Church with a note that it is for “Broadview Magazine subscription 2022”.

For more info on our group subscriptions to Broadview Magazine contact Syd Sawyer.