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What are the benefits of PAR?

Sometimes life’s agenda takes over our best-laid plans. With PAR, you don’t have to worry about writing a cheque or forgetting to donate because life has thrown you a curveball. By signing up for PAR, you make a clear statement of what is important to you. You also givie the recipients of your gift the peace of mind that comes with knowing  your help is stable and reliable.

It’s really easy.

Find out more on The United Church of Canada's website, click here.

Message from our Envelope Secretary:

Without our weekly visits to the church, our financial support is suffering. Please consider participating in PAR (Pre-Authorized Remittance) to continue your financial support to Trinity for the next few months. When services are back to normal, you can cancel if you wish. The New PAR option available is to forward the form and void cheque to the UCC's secure fax number (United Church of Canada - PAR desk). Or you can complete the PAR form and get it to me, Dave Squires (in the church directory.) Or please phone me and I can arrange to answer questions and pick up your completed PAR form with a VOID cheque. I will then send the info to the PAR coordinator at UCC in Toronto.

Below you will find the file, under Downloads, that you can print and fill out at home. The PAR form, plus a VOID cheque, is all you need to start you on ‘PAR’ - a monthly donation for the work of Trinity United. If you are already on PAR, let me know if you wish to make an increase or a decrease (if you are financially struggling), and we can easily make a change. Thanks for your financial support for Trinity.

Cheers, Dave Squires