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Since the 1970s the United Church of Canada has called for a universal GLI that is non-discriminatory and accessible for people who face income insecurity. COVID-19 support payments show that now is the time to make this an election priority. CLICK HERE to see the full range of actions you can be part of.

A reminder of the importance of these actions: poverty can happen quickly, to anyone. A guaranteed livable income (GLI) is a payment to individuals or families by government that covers the cost of basic necessities (food, shelter, clothing, transportation and community participation) and is not conditional on meeting employment criteria. It allows everyone to live with dignity and security, regardless of their work situation. Since the 1970s, the United Church of Canada has called for a universal GLI that is non-discriminatory and accessible, particularly for Indigenous peoples.

Some words from those with lived experience:

“I would not turn the heat on until December. In November I would be in my place with winter clothes on and shivering because I am trying to hold off the heating bills.”

“ I didn’t view it as just a handout. I still worked hard...but it was the cushion...I wasn’t stressing about his I am going to pay my bills the next month.”

“it was very much dignifying. I was trusted for once.”

For more information on the GLI network please contact Barry Morris (, or Rebecca Knight (

Action: Letters and Calls to MPs

Rebecca Knight, the Community Outreach Coordinator at St. Andrew's United in North Vancouver shares, "We’re writing our local MP to make GLI an election issue, expressing our support for the (next) federal government to mandate a guaranteed livable income. Contacting your MP personally is one of the best ways to spark political action. This can be either by a phone call, by visiting their office, through a handwritten letter or by email.
If you would like to see a template of a letter supporting GLI, please CLICK HERE Click here to find your MP."

Action: Lawn Signs & Bumper Stickers

Buy and display a lawn sign or bumper stick to show your support of GLI in a visual way! Our national church's Justice Initiatives ministry is making it easy for people across the United Church to order signs and stickers from VistaPrint.

Note: Because of the election there is a limit on how many lawn signs can be purchased. When ordering, do not exceed $500 in purchases until after September 20th.

  1. Call VistaPrint at 1-833-996-2067
  2. Indicate to them that you would like to use the artwork from United Church Account #5621-3603-5190 linked to the email address <>
  3. Order the option you'd like:
    • 1-sided lawn sign - Identification #: 95TMJ-N6A93-0S4
    • 2-sided lawn sign - Identification #: 2VDMJ-N6A28-8N2
    • Bumper sticker - Identification #: DP6LJ-N6A61-5J4
These, and additional Guaranteed Livable Income resources from the United Church of Canada's Justice Initiatives can also be found here:

For more information on the GLI network in the Pacific Mountain Regional Council please contact Barry Morris ( 
To find out more about the Pacific Mountain Region's plans or to revist the PMRC's June 16 Town Hall: Guaranteed Livable Income Information, watch this video: