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Letter from our Governance Team
To a church in social isolation
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Hello to “all” this Lenten season,

Yes, we are in Lent, the spring flowers are starting to smile and winter tires can be removed. Change is what keeps us moving, thinking, and growing.  We have had lots of experience at adapting to “new” in this world and are faced with constant change.

Thanks for all who were able to attend the Sunday Town Hall meeting after church on ZOOM and in person. The Strategic Planning Team presented a purpose, vision, and mission for us as a church congregation on the corner of Prairie and Shaughnessy in Port Coquitlam.  The motion to adopt this will be presented immediately following worship on Sunday, April 3.

Throughout this pandemic we have experienced changes in how to proceed with our day-to-day business. Shopping, appointments, school, and work sites have all had to make adaptations to how we protect each other. Parents have missed work, lost jobs, sacrificed so much while children or themselves had to stay home from school and work due to a runny nose, sniffles, and coughs while preventing any spread. We are reminded to keep each other safe by staying away from others when we have any symptoms. The covid tests are a guide - please stay home until symptom free.

Remember the 2020 Lenten study when we focussed in on the “Song of Faith” (a statement of faith of the United Church of Canada) with so many references to God’s Spirit moving within us? Let’s end this letter with a line from the Song of Faith:

“We sing of the Spirit, who speaks our prayers of deepest longing and enfolds our concerns and confessions, transforming us and the world.”

Questions, concerns, or ideas? Judi Carroll at 604-941-2002 and Syd Sawyer at 604-941-4565 will try to direct, answer, or look into the concern.

Grace and Peace,
Your Governance Team
 Pat McCann, Wendy Squires, Rev. Cathcart, Robert Nicolson, Judi Carroll, and Syd Sawyer


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