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Letter from our Governance Team
To a church in social isolation

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Letter to the Trinity Community;

I hope you enjoyed the Easter services, whether you were on Zoom or attended in person.

The early morning service at Lions Park was great, it didn’t rain and the sun did make an appearance (the train did as well!!)  Although it was a little chilly.

As mentioned on Sunday we owe our sound and Zoom personnel a big “ thank you “ for adapting the service after it was known the Rev. Cathcart could not attend in person. We have come a long way over the last 2 years!

Well, the return of coffee after Sunday service is in the planning stage and we hope that it will return in the near future. That social time has been greatly missed, it will be good to have it back.

Also we are now able to have receptions in the hall in in a safe way, although the number of people attending will be limited to start with. We are slowly coming back to some degree of normality which is good for us all.

I would just like to give a mention of one of our Outreach commitments, hosting the weekly SHARE Foodbank. The work they do is invaluable, serving the most vulnerable of our community. Everyone is welcome there and the volunteers that work there are wonderful. It is inclusive and non-judgemental, and the clients are treated as individuals, not just a number. Their service is indispenseable and much needed.

Blessings to you all. Stay safe.

Your Governance Team,
Wendy Squires, Rev. Cathcart, Robert Nicolson, Pat McCann, Syd Sawyer, and Judi Carroll


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