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Letter from our Governance Team

Letter to the Trinity Community

First of all: many thanks to everyone who came out for our Annual General Meeting last Sunday, despite the heat! It was great to be able to hold it in person as well as on Zoom. Thank you also to those who have agreed to take positions of leadership for the next year.

This will be the last letter from Governance until at least September. We have been doing this for 2 1/2 years and a break is needed. The new Governance Team will make decision about its future in September.

It has been a very interesting experience writing these letters, especially when your mind goes blank about what to say! We hope you have enjoyed them and found them useful. The Coffee Chat on Wednesday mornings has also been a great success and its continuation was discussed last Wednesday. We will let you know what will be happening

Let’s hope last weekend wasn’t our summer!! Although it was a little hot for some it was great to see the sunshine and feel the warmth. It makes you feel so good. Please take care in the heat and look out for the vulnerable, be they family or friends.

The office will be staffed by volunteers over the summer so please be patient if you wish to contact them, it may just take a little while longer to get back to you. We are grateful to all those who volunteered.

One other change over July and August is that there will be no announcement sheet every Friday, so if you have something to tell the congregation it may have to be announced in Church on Sunday mornings.

So from your Governance Team we wish you a very happy and safe summer. It has been an interesting 3 years and we hope the next year will not be quite so challenging although new things are afoot!! The new Team will need your prayers and support as you gave to us.

As has been said before if you or anyone you know require assistance please call the church office at 604-942-0022 and we will do our best to assist.

Blessings and stay safe,
Wendy Squires, Pat McCann, Robert Nicolson, Rev Cathcart, Syd Sawyer, and Judi Carroll