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Letter from our Governance Team

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Letter to the Trinity Community;

Can you believe we are halfway through June and "summer" starts next week! One
can only hope that Mother Nature remembers us and sends summer weather our
way. The weather globally has been very unusual, many parts of the world are
suffering from heatwaves, others floods.
Please remember all those who are suffering in your prayers including those in
BC as flooding hits several areas.
We at Trinity are nearing the end of our year and all the changes that can bring.
Please plan to attend your Annual General Meeting on June 26 during the
service to find out what the next year has in store for us.
At this point I would like to thank the volunteers who have offered to take on
receptionist duties while Zoe is on vacation. Thanks, it is greatly appreciated.
Did you know there is a sign up sheet in the Hallway by the kitchen to provide
flowers in the sanctuary on Sundays? Please take a moment to think if this is
something you can help us with. Flowers/plants make a big difference to the
This Sunday we are asking that, if possible, you wear something Orange to the
church service. National Indigenous Peoples Day is actually June 21st, but we are
acknowledging it on June 19th. So have a look through your closet and see is
there is something orange you can wear, and so remember the hard times that
the Indigenous People have endured.
I have noticed that people are becoming a little more comfortable in meeting in
person these days. Whether it be just 2 for lunch or in small groups it is a great
sign that life is returning, albeit slowly, to some kind of normality.
Enjoy the company of family and friends, but be careful and stay safe.
As has been stated before, if you or anyone you know requires any assistance
please let us know and we will do our best to assist you. Syd Sawyer can be
contacted at 604-941-4565, and Judi Carroll at 604-941-2002.

Blessings from your Governance Team,
Wendy Squires, Pat McCann, Rev.Cathcart, Robert Nicolson, Syd Sawyer, and Judi

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