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Letter from our Governance Team
To a church in social isolation
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Letter to the Trinity Community;

By the time you read this I hope that Mother Nature has been good to us and let us see the sun .

I for one have had enough rain and cloud for a while.

Still the daffodils and tulips are coming out as well as the hyacinths so maybe Spring is here. My garden is beckoning but it has to be a little warmer for me to get out and start tidying up!

I would encourage everyone to come to our Townhall meeting after service this Sunday the 27th. It will start at 11:45 so we ask for you to bring a bag lunch with you, so the hunger pangs don’t start! We are resuming our discernment of where we see Trinity going in the future. We had started the process late 2019 but everything was put on hold early in 2020 due to Covid, so now it's time to restart the process.

This affects us all so please bring your thoughts and ideas on Sunday. We look forward to seeing/ hearing you. (It will be on Zoom as well.

To those who have been attending in person worship services, I hope you have been enjoying them and to those who attend via Zoom we hope you will soon feel comfortable coming back. Thank you all for observing our Covid protocols, we appreciate you patience.

As mentioned if you or anyone you know requires any assistance please let Syd Sawyer, or Judi Carroll, know and we will do our best to help.

Please continue to take care of yourselves and look out for family and friends. We at Trinity have always prided ourselves with looking out for each other and I think this has been proved over the last 2 years.

Stay safe and many blessings,
Your Governance Team
Wendy Squires, Pat McCann, Rev. Cathcart, Robert Nicolson, Syd Sawyer and Judi Carroll

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