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Letter from our Governance Team
To a church in social isolation

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Hello Trinity Church family!

Spring has put a skip in our steps and the sun has encouraged more enthusiasm
for getting “out” and “doing” more! Living on the west coast of Canada with the
four seasons makes for variety and change.

The Governance team met this week to review Trinity’s ongoing work. Zoe, the
church administrator, will be off for 6 weeks starting the beginning of July and
back mid August. The Governance team agreed that for this time that Trinity can
simplify some of the tasks. The position can be divided into 2 volunteer
positions…one to create the Sunday PowerPoint, and the other to be receptionist
in the office 2 mornings per week to answer emails, pick up the paper mail, listen
to phone messages. These positions might be appropriate for someone you know
that would like to help Trinity out for those 6 weeks or a student who is looking for
volunteer hours.

Trinity’s reopening has been exciting with more of us venturing into the building to
attend worship and meetings. Thank you to those that have taken the time to
write up the communicable disease prevention plans for your planned activities
and meetings. Worship is the only place that we are asking attendees to wear a
mask as singing is included…. we ask all individuals to take responsibility for their
own protection (and others) while attending activities and meetings at Trinity.
Wearing a mask is one more layer of protection needed. We ask you to take the
precautions that make sense for yourselves and those around you wherever you

The Governance team wishes Rev David Cathcart a peaceful, healthy month away
in May. Trinity’s worship and music team has scheduled pulpit supply for this
time…we look forward to our Sunday services and thank this team for their
creative planning!

Questions and concerns can always be voiced to Judi Carroll @ 604 941 2002
and Syd Sawyer @ 604 941 4565…or any member of the Governance team.
Let’s open our windows, listen to the birds, enjoy the sounds and sights of the
wonderful spring before us!

Blessings to you all from Trinity Governance team: Robert Nicolson, Pat McCann,
Judi Carroll, Wendy Squires, Rev David Cathcart, Syd Sawyer 

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