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Letter from Governance

To a church in social isolation

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Hello Trinity Congregational Family,

While writing here, the sun is creating a sparkle where the rain has done its “natures clean”. Bees are very busy pollinating the many blossoms on so many of the surrounding trees and shrubs.

Grandma always said…stop and breath in the beauty. Yes, it is beautiful….and we are blessed. 

Sunday’s May 8th service was a very special celebration of a 60-year history for United Church Women. Thank you to the team who created and presented for us. We celebrated and shared the gratitude of women in the past, women of today, and looking forward to women of the future! More blessings.

Trinity Thrift shop is opening one day per week starting May 18! Another celebration for which many in our community will be expressing their gratitude. Many hands of quiet workers are making this happen….we pray that all goes safely and the day is the first of many more successful sales to come!

During the pandemic Trinity has mourned the loss of many. This week and for the next few weeks there are celebrations of lives we have been holding close to our hearts. Our prayers go out to the family and friends of these members and relatives who have coped with the many challenges during a time of unknown protocols, changes, structures, and limitations. May the peace of our God be with all in this next step of their journey.

Trinity Governance co-chairs Judi Carroll at 604 941 2002 and Syd Sawyer at 604 941 4565 are happy to listen, talk and direct questions and concerns or receive any ideas for future thinking.  

“No Mow May” is a suggestion that some of us are sitting on. The bees and many other creatures are anticipating our action!

Blessings from Trinity Governance team,
Robert Nicolson, Judi Carroll, Wendy Squires, Pat McCann, Rev David Cathcart, and Syd Sawyer

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