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Letter from our Governance Team
To a church in social isolation

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Hello Trinity Congregation;

The last week in May has arrived! Preparations for the summer are underway while groups finish off their yearly business with ending celebrations.

Coverage for Trinity’s weekly office reception and creating the Sunday PowerPoint for 6 weeks of the summer is not filled. A note has been sent to the two Port Coquitlam high school councillors and another to Pacific Mountain Region suggesting students looking for Volunteer credits would be considered. This could be a time for a few of us at Trinity to plan for some divided teamwork…. doesn’t have to be covered by the same people for the 6 weeks. Think about it!

The community supported Thrift’s one day per week opening. Congrats to a large team that planned, sorted, carried, planned again, carried, moved, and carried again!  

This was a huge step after a long two years!

Many of the same individuals who planned, carried, and moved for the Wednesday thrift sales have also planned, prepared and hosted celebration of life receptions all during the same weeks! The Governance team is humbled by the strength and commitment shown by many individuals among us.

Technology, while opening doors, also creates its own stumbling blocks …. Sunday service May 22 streamed from St. Andrews Wesley in our sanctuary and on zoom, gave Trinity a look at how we are not alone in technological challenges. The visuals were fine, but the sound was very disappointing on zoom, our sanctuary and on St. Andrew Wesley’s YouTube channel. We are grateful for all the strides that have been made through the past couple years knowing that worship together is a possibility in a variety of ways.

The Governance team hopes that Rev David Cathcart has had a “safe and healthy” time away on the reading break. We give thanks to the worship and music team, administration, and pulpit supply that have provided coverage. Trinity has much to be grateful for.
Governance team co-chairs, Judi Carroll @ 604 941 2002, and Syd Sawyer @ 604 941 4565, will listen, direct, communicate concerns, questions and ideas.

Now, where is the picnic basket, the thermos, and lawn chair? Hurray for June!

Blessings from Trinity Governance team,
Robert Nicolson, Pat McCann, Wendy Squires, Rev. David Cathcart, Judi Carroll, and Syd Sawyer


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