Volunteer with Us

There are a bunch of ways to volunteer at Trinity United Church. Our community outreach programs are always in need of an extra pair of hands to help out those in need.

How to help at the Shelter: The Extreme Weather Shelter has paid staff onsite to ensure that the Shelter operation runs smoothly and without drama. However, we require volunteers to operate:

  1. To help set up the Shelter each night, hand out mats, blankets and other supplies to guests, and to serve a hot meal. Evening Shift is 9-11 pm.
  2. To serve breakfast to guests, break down the Shelter and store mats and blankets. Morning Shift is 6-8 am.
  3. To monitor Shelter grocery supplies on a regular basis, and to do the shopping
  4. To ensure blankets are laundered on a regular basis

Volunteering at the Extreme Weather Shelter is a rewarding experience and a great way to contribute to community well-being. What about you? Could you spare some time one evening a week? Or serve breakfast to the homeless once in a while? For more information about volunteering, call or email the church office and leave a message for Judy Johnson or Syd Sawyer.

How to help at the Thrift Store: Volunteers for the Thrift Store - Sorting, tidying, pricing, shelving, hanging up, creating displays, and operating the cash: these are some of tasks we need help with at our Thrift Store. We have volunteer shifts available Mondays to Thursdays, especially during our open hours (Wed 12 to 9 pm; Thurs 9 am to 3 pm). Please call or email the church office to find out more.  

How to help at the Food Bank: Volunteering for SHARE Family and Community Services We need people to help set up and hand out food on Wednesdays from 8 am to 2 pm. We are always happy to have help with moving and bagging donations for the families and folks we help weekly. If you have time on a Wednesday, please give us a call or or email the church office. If you would like to help at other times, check out the website for SHARE.