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Notes from Doers May 15, 2023 Meeting in Church Hall 6:30 pm (one hot day)

Joy Galea welcomed us and acknowledged being on the unceded territory of the Kwikwetlem First Nations.
Fruit salad with ice cream and lots of water was served to 21 attending
Table groups were encouraged to create an “evaluation salad” while munching on their fruit. Pink and green papers were available to list thoughts on the governance/doers model. Items we feel are going well with the Governance/Doers model were written on the green papers. Items that need improvement or attention were written on the pink papers. See results of these thoughts below:

Going well:
•    Congregation needs are shared.
•    People hear reports all together
•    Communicating what each group is doing.
•    Social aspect.
•    At Doers we can connect with others who are not part of our interest group.
•    Fun times together, creative ideas shared as well as housekeeping. 
•    All together – face to face – again! This strengthens us.
•    Group reports and discussions
Kudos to the steering team for a creative approach
•    Together again!
•    Without all the Doers Doing the work would not be done. Thank you to the Doers who are willing to help.
•    Many thanks to the Governance team for all they do – Keep up the good work.
•    Governance is doing a fabulous job. 
•    Less meetings for Gov. team
•    I like the way Governance is working.
•    Seems to be working – it was time for a change.
•    It seems to be working fine. If it ain’t broke – don’t fix it. 
•    The people that are involved in this church are wonderful – love the communication.
•    Thankful that the Governance and Doers are keeping us above water.
•    Leaders of the Doers lead us gently and thoughtfully through the Doers meetings. 
•    No negatives!
Items that need improvement or rethought:
•    A couple of interest groups are pulling away due to lack of time to meet at Doers.
•    Not enough time during Doers’ meetings for groups to have a meaningful meeting.
•    Not enough time in interest/break-out sessions for many ideas to be addressed. 
•    Too short of time at interest groups Pastoral care interest group would like more time to meet during Doers meetings.
•    What is the 2nd……..for Trinity to acknowledge our connection with the indigenous community? 
•    Does the moving around to interest groups really make a difference in work of church as same people on committees.
•    Governance and Doers Roles need to be defined’
•    Work around the building shared by a “few” people.  and grounds in good shape.
•    Communication is still a problem – even with emails etc. 
•    More help is often needed – as quite often the same people are doing the jobs.
•    Hopefully people become more aware of what other groups are doing. 
•    Need more help!
•    Lack of people willing to take on leadership roles. CW at same time as Doers so many have to choose between UCW or another group who don’t have enough members.
•    Fewer people able to take on all the tasks needed. Sound room, zoom meetings. 
•    The Doers/Governance seems like a lot of work for a few people and things are mostly done by the same people.
•    Doers sometimes bump other Groups out of the hall. I’ve noticed it happened a couple of times this year. Can we do something different?
•    It would be nice to have a weekly bulletin again. 

One paper piece suggested having community gatherings: dinners, talent nights, after church tours. Doers might need to create another interest group to satisfy that suggestion! Any takers?