Extreme Weather Shelter

**Our Extreme Weather Shelter is CLOSED as of March 17. 

It is imperative that we operate the Extreme Weather Shelter safely, while following the current health recommendations related to COVID-19. Therefore, the Trinity Shelter will not open again this season.**

Together with the Tri-Cities Homelessness Task Group and funded by BC Housing, Trinity United Church provides safe, warm, dry, overnight Shelter and a hot meal, for homeless individuals. The Shelter is open when an Emergency Alert is declared between November 1 to March 31. The Alert is declared when the weather is truly horrid! Read as: very cold, extremely windy, excessively rainy, or blowing snow! 

How to Help at the Shelter  

The Extreme Weather Shelter has paid staff onsite to ensure that the Shelter operation runs smoothly and without drama. However, we require volunteers to operate:

a.    To help set up the Shelter each night, hand out mats, blankets and other supplies to guests, and to serve a hot meal. Evening Shift is 9-11 pm.

b.    To serve breakfast to guests, break down the Shelter and store mats and blankets. Morning Shift is 6-8 am.

c.    To monitor Shelter grocery supplies on a regular basis, and to do the shopping

d.    To ensure blankets are laundered on a regular basis  

Volunteering at the Extreme Weather Shelter is a rewarding experience and a great way to contribute to community well-being. What about you? Could you spare some time one evening a week? Or serve breakfast to the homeless once in a while?   For more information about volunteering, call or email the church office and leave a message for Judy Johnson or Syd Sawyer.  


Donations to the Extreme Weather Shelter  

We are well-stocked with blankets and mats and have maxed out our ability to store anything more.   However, if you would like to donate food, we welcome gift cards from Costco, Walmart or Real Canadian Super Store. This is where most of our groceries are purchased.   To donate winter clothing such as hats, gloves or mittens, socks, or underwear for both ladies and men, you can drop items off to the Thrift Store at Trinity. Please let them know you would like your items to go to the Extreme Weather Shelter program at the time of drop-off. Unfortunately, the Thrift Store doesn’t have a constant staff presence available to accept donations, nor the space to store large amounts.

If you cannot drop off donations during the posted times, or if you have a large amount, please consider donating to our partner groups:

a.    RainCity Housing at 3030 Gordon, in Coquitlam

b.    SHARE Family and Community Services, in Port Moody (Or to one of the numerous thrift stores in the Tri-City area.)


Please contact the church office to volunteer or for more information.